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Brokerage Profile
As a composite insurance broker, our staff with over 50 years combined experience in both the General and Life Insurance industry can advise you on all your insurance needs FREE of charge.
Mortgage Indemnity
CAPITA FINANCIAL can provide you with this policy that is requested by some financial institutions as part of the mortgage process. This poilcy is designed to protect the mortgage company...
Home Owners Comprehensive
We offer comprehensive homeowners coverage for owners of private dwelling houses and their contents.
We offer the most comprehensive coverage on motor vehicles...
Fire Residential
If you want insurance for your house and personal property CAPITA FINANCIAL can provide you with coverage that fits your specific needs.
Check with the life insurance professionals at CAPITA FINANCIAL to determine what type of policy will best suit the needs of you and your family.
Commercial Fire & Perils
Our professional staff will review your insurance requirements and recommend the coverage that best suits the exposures that are common to your operation
Online Quotations
Get your online quotation for vehicles, fire and perils, and contractor's all risks for risks that are located in the island of Barbados only.

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