CaribList Barbados Real Estate and Property for Sale, rent and lease.

Introduction to Cariblist

Cariblist has been around since 2001, so many people will be familiar with our site and the features we offer.

We have been operating mainly in Barbados in recent years, and our Barbados site has been generating between 800,000 and 1 million pageviews each month.
Cariblist is now ranked in the top 500,000 websites (out of an estimated 2 billion) in the world, and our traffic keeps growing.

Now we would like to expand our services into the Caribbean initially, and further afield eventually. This new version of our site offers several
new features for users; perhaps the most useful is the ability to save your search parameters. Once you do this, the system will notify you by email within minutes
of the addition of a property which meets your search criteria. This means that, once you have searched the site, you do not need to return to the site
to run the search over and over until you find what you're looking for.

Agents who wish to list with us can do so by registering as a customer wishing to list properties, selecting a listing package , and adding their listings. We
are offering 3 months free listings from April 1st 2017, 10 properties per lister to anyone wwishing to try out our service. Please note the following:

- After the trial period is up, you will need to purchase a package to continue with 3 or more listings;
- We will continue to offer a free listing package, but that will be limited to 2 listings, with one photo for each listing;
- Payment for packages after July 31 will be by credit card or VISA or MASTERCARD debit only; offline payment will only be available in any country where we have an office;
- The trial package will need to be renewed monthly. There will be no charge for renewal until after July 31st. At that point you will decide whether you wish to continue;

If you need any more info, please email us, or we can set up a Skype conversation at your convenience.
For details of how the site works, please refer to our Help Menu