CaribList Barbados Real Estate and Property for Sale, rent and lease.

Create a new Account

Before you can list properties on Cariblist, you will need an account, whether you are an agent or an individual listing your own property
If you are an Agent, you will need to have a logo that is 50 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, and a banner which is 60 pixels high and 500 pixels wide
These images can be proportionally bigger - the logo can be 150 x 180, the banner can be 180 x 1500, or any other size, as long as the proportions
are the same. Images should be at 72 pixels/inch resolution, and can be .jpg, .gif or .png format.

The steps to create an account are as follows:

- Click on the red Login/Register button and select the black box that says 'I want to register to list Properties'
- For Individual listers, check the 'Individual' button, and complete the information required. Mandatory fields are marked with a red '*'
- When you are done, click 'Create' at the bottom of the page. The system will send a confirmation email to your email address and you will
   need to click the Activate link before you can use the account.

- For Agents the process is similar. You select the 'Agent' button and complete the information required.
- In addition to the information needed for an individual, you will be asked for a Company Name, and a primary and secondary logo. The primary
   logo is the smaller of the two images, the secondary is the banner as described above. To upload these, click on the 'Choose File' button
   browse your computer until you locate the logo, click on the filename and press Enter, then click the 'Upload' button. Do the same for
   the secondary logo.
- As above for individuals, you will need to activate your account using the link in the confirmation email

New User Dashboard

Once your account is activated, you can login, and you will go to your dashboard, which is the same whether you are an Individual
or an Agent. This is what a new customer will see on their dashboard. In the top right is your name, and clicking in this area drops
down a box which will allow you to log out, or to edit your profile information.

There will also be a flashing message in red asking you to subscribe to a package to start adding properties. On the left is a menu,
where you select 'Package Subscription' and the system will display all the packages available. Click on the 'See Package Details' button to
see all of the information associated with each package.

Select your payment method, Online or Offline, and select the package that you wish to purchase. If Cariblist does not have an poffice
in your country, you will not see the Offline option. Online payment requires a credit card or a VISA or Mastercard debit. Offline payment
can be made by cash, cheque or offline credit card. Offline payments must be received within 10 days of the transaction, or your
transaction will be voided and your package cancelled. Please allow 2 working days after receipt of offline payments for processing.

Once your package has been purchased, it will a[ppear in the lower section of your dashboard, and you will be able to add listings.

Add Listings

To add property listings, click on the Property Management menu item, then select Property Master. You will see a screen similar to your dashboard,
but with additional elements. In the darker bar at the top you will see 3 check-boxes; these allow you to select Active, Inactive or Sold properties
or any combination of these for display. Press the 'Filter Property' button and the selected properties will be displayed, 10 to a page.

Any listed properties can be sorted by any of the column heads below, in either ascending or descending sequence. In addition, the Search box
will dynamically search all of these columns as you type anything into it.

The 'View' and 'Action' icons will display teir functions if you place your mouse over them.

Click on the 'Add New' button to create a new listing.

Property Master data reference

Field Name



Address, Parish Name, Postal Code

Enter applicable information

Address and Parish are mandatory. If your country does not use a Postal Code, leave this field blank

Category of listing - Sale, Rent, short Term

Check all that apply to the property.

Any listing can be for sale, rent or available as a short term rental property. You must select at least one, but you can select all three.

Property Status

Drop down the box and select the property status.

This information shows up in the Search Summary display.

Property Type

Drop down the box and select the property type.

Property Feature

Drop down the box and select all the features that apply to the property

These are searchable features that show up in the Advanced page of the property search.

Property Owner

If you wish, you can enter the property owner information

Note that this data is NOT displayed anywhere except on your dashboard and Property Master pages. It can be useful for administration purposes, and it is not published anywhere

Property Notes

Enter any notes that you may wish here.

This field is also NOT published and is for your info only.


Enter the prices that apply. Also select whether the price is a total or square foot price.

If the category box above is checked, the field will be available for entry. Note that Sale & Rental prices may be in a different currency to the short term price.


Click on the 'Choose Files' button. Browse to where the picture files are on your computer, select them using CTRL-click until they are all selected. Press Enter, and click 'Upload'

Once the files are uploaded they can be viewed or deleted using the 'Preview' button.

Map Reference

Click and hold the pin and position it on the map where you woudl like it to be.

If your map reference box does not show approximately where it should be, enter the parish and country in the Search box below and press the blue button.

Click 'Update' to save your data.

The Renewal Cycle

Your renewal subscription is due when your existing subscription expires. 7 days before the expiry date you
will start seeing a message in red appear above your dashboard when you login; you will also receive a reminder via email
of the pending expiry. To renew your subscription. the process is as follows:

- Login to Cariblist. Once logged in, select 'Renew Package' from the menu;
- The system will display details of your current subscription, and you will have the option to buy one or several months
 subscription to take advantage of our discount structure.
- Select the payment method and click 'Pay' on the number of months you would like to buy.
- If you have selected Online Payment you will be presented with a Terms & Conditions display and you will need to
 Accept this if you have not done so before. The system then displays our card processor's input box, where you
 enter your credit card details.
- If you are paying Offline, you will need to ensure that your payment gets to us in a timely fashion so that your
 access continues uninterrupted.

Please Note: There is a 10-day grace period after expiry when you can pay with no penalty. Thereafter, your account will
be suspended until payment is received. If payment is not received within this 10-day window, you will be charged a
reinstatement fee which covers the 10 days of service which has not been paid for.

Getting a copy of your invoice

Click on 'Reports' in your menu. You will see a history of your package purchases, and a row of tabs across the top.
Select 'Invoice & Payment details' and the system will show you a list of your invoices. Note that if we have not received your payment,
there will be no invoice showing here

On the right side of each line, you will see an option to view the invoice. Once the invoice is displayed on screen, you have the option to
download it or to print it for your files.